Rebuilding My Family

Rebuilding My Family is a sandbox, choice-driven, POV, erotic novel that features two main “pure” story lines, one “love” route and another “power” route, with multiple narrative threads that can lead to very distinct endings.

Living a quiet life, after the loss of your father and sister several years ago, things were looking good as you looked forward to the college life; you’d miss the girls but you need to carve a path of your own.
But one day an eerie news report catches your attention (which is odd since you filter nearly all the news on TV), it was about an old classmate who went missing a few months ago and was found yesterday at a parking lot, in a coma. Staring at her profile picture, with a laser beam focus on a particular object, her ring that you recall seeing at his office in an ashtray (a strange place to keep jewelry). After that moment your brain flared and any doubt about this connection had to be confirmed or crushed…

It was at midday when arriving at the bank, going about making stupid excuses to the busy staff, you managed to get in his office; while going through the desk and finding a locked drawer, you grabbed a statuette to pry it open, when it finally gave in, there it was, along with something else…
You realized that there’s no running away from this… sweating, you went downstairs and met Jane, who you managed to politely ask where hed was, then went straight there.. but as you kept walking, the tought that this situation might be over your head slowly creeped up… yet when seeing him getting so close to her, something snapped.. “Hey Victor”, you called, and as soon a he turned you sucker punched him, the shock on your mother’s face made you hesitate but after a moment you went in for a kick.. just then the security guards jumped at you , and were down and cuffed…
After pressing charges for assault, you were facing jail time, yet your mother managed to convince the court to accept house arrest, with the promise that you would show impeccable behaviour… or else.

Developer: Beauty and Pasta – Patreon
Censorship: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, POV, Romance, Seduction, Adventure, Incest

Rating: 3.1/5. From 76 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

anyone understand how the poker game works? What logic is used to determine if you win since you never get to see your cards? Is it random? Is it like 1 out of every 10 tries, etc?

Anonymous Fapper

Dev (Beauty and Pasta) last patreon post was 5 years ago.
Consider this game abandon.

Anonymous Fapper

no update in 3 years. Pass

Anonymous Fapper

Didn’t play, but I did read the novel AKA the description. Holy wall of text Batman, learn how to be more concise with the verbiage that you choose to employ for the purposes of conveying your intended message to the anticipated audience you want to educate after their morning coffee once their bleary eyes have found focus on the world their owner resides in through their dreary existence known as life.

All that to say, bucko is under house arrest, gonna boink his mom.

Anonymous Fapper

game is dead – hasn’t been updated since 2017