Sold to the Goblins

Sold to the Goblins is a short visual novel with dark themes including:

  • Nudity
  • Inter-species mating
  • Slavery
  • Violence
  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Molesting
  • Somnophilia


Multiple Endings

Voice lines for choices in Japanese

Gallery with 28 unlockable images.

Developer: trc450 – | Discord | BaraagPixiv
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Female Protagonist, Sleep Sex, Rape, Monster, Pregnancy, Groping, Vaginal Sex

Extract and run.

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Rating: 1.6/5. From 42 votes.
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Weird amateur game. Artwork is crude and story is barely there. Just giving it a 4/10.

t r u t h

Goblin Slayer needs to kill this game.

Anonymous Fapper

She looks bored… The goblins look bored too

Anonymous Fapper

Joe: Alright boys, I got us another gig.
Tim: Please please please be something good
Tom: Let me guess, another porn acting barely sapient filthy rape monster horde?
Joe: err, well…
Tom: DAMMIT! I got a masters degree in acting for this. I should have listened to my mother and become a smith
*grumbles all around*
Tom: starts crying
Joe: I can’t help it, in this economy you take whatever gig you can get. Come on, chin up. We are going to make it big eventually, I just know it.

Anonymous Fapper

*some time later*
Actress: *bored* oh no, goblins are going to rape me.
Goblins: *monotone* Keh, Keh, Keh, rape, rape, rape
Director: CUT! what the hell is this, put more emotion into it, I want the viewer at home to feel it. Take 5 minute break to get your head back in the game and then we do it once more from the top.

Anonymous Fapper

This is better writing than half the games on this site.

Anonymous Fapper

bro you should write more its so funny