Succubus Tales: The Relic

Second Chapter of the Succubus Tales serie.
As in the first chapter, you’ll take the role of Nicci, a succubus possessing a nun body;
this time you need to retrieve a relic beneath the city of Veisen while corrupting it’s citizens and turn them into demons.

Developer: Senryu-Sensei – PatreonSubscribeStar | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Futa, Shemale, Corruption, Female Protagonist, Transformation, Lesbian, Rape, Mind Control, Adventure, Fantasy, Oral Sex, RPG
PrequelChapter 1 Nicci’s Revenge

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on Game.exe to start playing.


New Events:
– First meeting with Sister Noelle, a new nun! (2 images, 1 used)

– First meeting with Mother Marielle, another nun! (2 images, 1 used)

– First new event – between Celie and Sister Nicci – 27 images! (+1)

– Second new event – between Karl and Michella (After Michella is fully corrupted) – 18 images!

– Third new event – between Sister Noelle and Sister Theresa – 27 images!

And of course, every new event has its own sprite set, as usual.

New Map:
– Convent – first floor

– Convent – second floor

– blacksmith – revisioned the first floor a tiny bit, added a couple of things

– blacksmith – second floor

– Intro – changed the scene in Tirnambeo, where you talk to its villagers, to automatic, so you don’t have to do 1 step, talk, do 1 step, talk, ecc;
Nicci will walk in automatic instead

– New Sprite set for Sister Noelle

– New Sprite set for Mother Marielle

– improved Karl’s sprite set.

Rating: 3.6/5. From 101 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Should be renamed to Nun Tales: A Boring Pile of Trash.

Mr. PizzaLover69

And you should be named as the bitch: who complains a lot and needs spanking

Anonymous Fapper

version 0.3: i like the new events, especially the footjob and the bloated belly scene! good job!

Anonymous Fapper

hes following hes patrons wishes stop being bitchy people if you don’t like it you can move to other games

Anonymous Fapper

explains why he hasn’t got any patrons.


Thank you for sharing my game while pointing out my Patreon and pages, really appreciated! ^.-
And about the slow peace of the game, while working on chapter one, a Lot of patrons complained that I was going too fast with the corruption progress, so I slowed it down a bit; but seriously, if I was still going fast, everyone in the city would end up corrupted and changed into a demon in 15 minutes of gameplay….That would just be a “fuck-them-all” without any kind of plot…

Anonymous Fapper

Yeah how terrible it would be for a succubus to be fucking them all. Instead we have nun who’s supposed to be a succubus but acts more like a nun. Nicci herself is hardly ever involved. She might have sex with 1 or 2 people, but ultimately she’ll delegate the workload to her minions, or use potions. None of this is what a succubus should be doing. BORING.

Anonymous Fapper

Nothing ever happens quickly in japanese porn! A 5-minute bj scene becomes a 2-hour full movie there. And then he’s been asked to slow it down even more!?

Anonymous Fapper

Thank you for the games, will it be similar content to first game? Or will there be more?


I’m trying to do something similiar to the first chapter, but more complex.