Surviving With My Daughter

The mc and his wife were soldiers of the Nemesis Corporation, when their daughter was born they wanted to put an identification chip “Trexv1” (like the ones pets have today to know who the owner is), the mc’s wife kills the doctor, the organization gives the order to kill her and the mc did not hesitate to defend her, and escaped with his wife and daughter. From then on they are persecuted by Nemesis in a world where there is no government, only the Law of Nemesis.

Developer: Golden Bunny – Subscribestar
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Genre: Incest, loli, teen, milf, harem, big cock, big tits

Rating: 3.7/5. From 111 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

So this is just a teaser demo to get people to subscribe star? Figues


the hell? I just played 5 minutes and it comes to the end. is that really what’s going on?

Anonymous Fapper

It’s okay. But v1.0 is misleading, this is a beta, nothing but the intro. Should be listed as v0.1b
Concept 7/10
Content 1/10

Anonymous Fapper

Not Worth Playing

Anonymous Fapper

I really liked it. Fun story, very well thought out and extremely sexy! Had me hard for a few scenes there, nice! This one is going to be promising. Definitely keeping an eye on this one…

Anonymous Fapper

Download in 2 years when it has content.

Anonymous Fapper

Isn’t V1.0 supposed to mean that it is a completed game?

Anonymous Fapper

Not really just depends on the author/creator. Some start at .001 other .01 and some start at 1.0 and work their way up until game is completed. This is the first chapter of the game. I guess the author is using 1.0 as the chapters of the game who knows how many chapters their will be.

Anonymous Fapper

As a game designer myself, the rule of thumb is this is the outline for game development v0.0.0
Starting from the far right, would be little updates, aka bug fixes (ex: v0.3.12) this would signify the 12th minor update/bug fix for the 3rd major update. The number on the far left would be the version or release number. So if it is a released game, usually it would something along the lines of (v1.5.22). Since this is a released game, technically it’s following the outline. Nice game so far.