Tentacles Thrive

In the realm of Tentacles Thrive, you will be discovering new tentacle species, stealing Lilith’s heart, mating to create new species, managing and reviving the Humana race, or conquering the world through strategic battles.
It is an SLG game with a love sim element and real-time battles.

Developer: Nonoplayer – Patreon
Censorship: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, 2d game, adventure, cosplay, combat, vaginal sex, female protagonist, graphic violence, oral sex, vaginal sex, group sex, fantasy, monster, rape, tentacles, vore

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Tentacles Thrive” to start playing.


  • 7 new mating scenes (Plant Snake x2, Krokilia x2, Mammosa, Lactari Stalker and Bald Mata)
  • 3 new species ( Mammosa, Lactari Stalker and Bald Mata )
  • 3 new bonding events (Mammosa, Ouideo and Dionaea)
  • 1 5th event graphics (Ouideo)
  • Auto save feature
  • New benefit (Inuax)
Rating: 3.3/5. From 170 votes.
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Shockwave flash trash. A heap of a game built from something that is a relic of the past. I guess if you like to jack off with an octopus with shitty shockwave mechanics then this is your game, otherwise this game is complete garbage.

Anonymous Fapper

and yet waste everyones time talking pointless shit about somebodys game…..relic lol…must be a fucking spoiled ass gen z kid

Strikehold is a pussy

You can go search for rom com if that’s what you want.
Not a place for kids.

Anonymous Fapper

is there any good strategy for winning the combat?

Anonymous Fapper

i used the fucking master tactician tactics and used cheat engine to get infinite hearts
and yet lost, so idk

Anonymous Fapper

Not really, the only strategy that “kinda” works is taking about 4 Inuax’s and some random other creatures that have ranged attacks. Then stick the Inuax’s to the top and bottom of the spawn owner (so they come in last or 2nd to last for each lane) and start feeding them hearts so they can use their ability before they launch. Their ability shoots a projectile that heals them and all other allies on that lane. It still only works like 30% of the time but its better than nothing.

Anonymous Fapper

How to feed the monster? They all starved

Anonymous Fapper

dat counts as animal abuse