The Seam

“The Seam” is an adventure game about the guy, who has fallen into the past several centuries. Circumstances force him to look for a way out of this place, but this is impossible without solving the problems of the local residents.

Developer: GoodbyeHappiness – ItchBoostyDiscord | Patreon |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Male Protagonist, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Footjob, Oral Sex, Harem, Humor, Handjob, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Rape, Sleeping Sex, Milf, Spanking, Teasing, Sandbox, Female Domination, Fantasy, Cosplay

Extract and run.


-Added the option to skip the prologue.
-Progressed Clara’s storyline (including 1 H scene).
-Progressed Eliza’s storyline (including 2 H scenes).
-Progressed Sara’s storyline.
-Progressed Jeff’s storyline (no H scenes, don’t get your hopes up).
-Progressed Lagune’s storyline (including 1 H scene).
-Progressed MC’s storyline.
-Added 1 new location.
-Added character Anna.
-Added Marty.
-New outfit option for Eliza.
-Fixed a couple of bugs.
-As usual, added new ones.
-Made some changes to certain quests, but after a long break from the game, they’re unlikely to be noticeable.

The game gives errors when trying to launch old saves, because the changes affected key game files. If you see it try to play from the beginning.

Rating: 3.6/5. From 33 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Hopefully this games dev isn’t like the hero harems guild dev milking subs without any game updates

Anonymous Fapper

Under the section: “What will never be added” the Dev didn’t add NTR/sharing/swinging and similar … maybe he forgot? … it doesn’t bode well in my book.

Anonymous Fapper

Maybe forgot. On his page this is listed as will never be added

Anonymous Fapper

Pfhahaha, some weirdos get so paranoid.

Anonymous Fapper

Well, I really don’t want to start playing a game where two hours later a dick will fall into my mouth. I’d rather be sure in advance that there’s no catch.

Anonymous Fapper

Paranoid of avoid G…Y content?
Why not let straight guys play games without your G…Y fetish?

If you are G..Y support and play G…Y games. But NEVER push your useless and pathetic fetish for other people.


Why avoid dicks? Its so spiiiiiiiccccceeeee

Anonymous Fapper

Because not for all.

99% of male audience are straight. And prefer girls. But little rainbow guys “born G..Ys” and are heterophobic.