Wanderer is a hentai adventure PC game with dating sim and RPG elements that will take you to a world of lewd adventures.

Hugh is just an ordinary guy living an ordinary life and wasting it on playing games and watching anime. His life starts to change the moment he finds himself in another world, full of magic and wizardry. “Dreams Come True!” — He thinks, but instead of fanfare and prophecies about the great hero, he gets… The role of the magic pet for an obnoxious girl! Instead of a bed and feasts, he now has a rag on the floor and scraps from the table. Now Hugh, as the chosen one by fate, is in a hurry to conquer the new world and the hearts of his future friends!

– Dating simulator

Chat, have affairs and fall in love.

– Develop Hugh in the RPG style

Intelligence, strength, charisma, etc

Each characteristic will affect the passage of quests and storylines, their end depends on you.

– Events take place on specific dates and at different times of the day

Casual acquaintances, intrigues, dangers waiting at night in the darkest corners of the Academy, unique events and … Exams?! It all depends on the in-game time.

– Random events depending on your actions

Have you heard about the plans of the lovers to meet under the moonlight on the rooftop? Follow them and find out what they are going to do there…

Wanderer Game Trailer

Developer: TopHouse Studio – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, animated, male protagonist, adventure, fantasy, big tits, oral sex, school setting


– Interactive menu
 You can explore the background, find interesting objects or notice something new
– Day/night cycle Added a colorful interface for skipping time. Might be useful! -Quests 4 full-fledged quests with variable outcomes.
– Students Lots of unique student models. They react to your reputation level. Comments on the situation in quests.
– Time system Events in the game take place at different times of the day, with unique and mysterious events scattered throughout the Academy.
– Music 15 new original tracks written for different locations and events. 20 sound effects that give you more world immersion.
– Inventory System for collecting and interacting with items. Study items and descriptions!
– Map Large animated and interactive map of the academy and the city around it! (Day and Night version)
– Locations 11 locations with the ability to explore and search for secrets!
– Events 2 random events related to storylines.
– Porn scene 2 new erotic scenes
Not everyone can find all the secrets!

Rating: 3.8/5. From 42 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

any seggs scene now on this update?

Anonymous Fapper

Nope… I only found one scene where you can peek under the skirt of a catgirl… Sad…


+amazing art
+basically it is familiar of zero with the names changed
-horrendously bad engrish
-as of 0.1.3 about 5 minutes of gameplay. (get summoned, talk some to NPCs, get a blowjob. public build is over)

Anonymous Fapper

IIRC first release v0.1 was literally familiar of zero.
then they redid the art and changed the names into “legally distinct original IP that is totally not familiar of zero”

Anonymous Fapper

sleep on the mat i cant click on anything

Anonymous Fapper

or make it grow

Anonymous Fapper

Nope being a girl’s pet ain’t for me

Anonymous Fapper

Then dominate her instead and show her a woman’s place.
You are not forced to be a simp


Totally Zero no Tsukaima… BUT SO WHAT? If it ends up being good, no complaints on my part…