Weinende Rose

Our project is fantasy platformer in which you play as a catgirl, run errands for other characters in the game, collect items, fight monsters and bosses, cook food, and manage a small house and much more.

Developer: ZetRayan – PatreonItch.io | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Animated, Female protagonist, Monster girl, Platformer, Side-scroller, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Pixel art

You can play this game with gamepad

The web version of the game is slightly different from the download version and may have compatibility or performance issues.


– the character’s movement speed is slightly slowed down.
– fixed some opportunities to open inventory(In the jump, when taking damage, in the menu, and so on).
– Fixed an issue with focusing the HTML version of the game on some sites.
– Fixed the order of the frames during the sex animation with flower.
– Fixed the ability to jump into the squat state while being caught in the camp.
– Changed the positions of some objects.(Laser, cabinets, boxes)
– Fixed some incorrect animation speeds. (from 0.25 to mostly 0.18)
– Fixed a stat bug when drawing enemies with a chain. (The enemy was hovering in the air).
– Fixed incorrect ability to hit the target by throwing a spear for the enemy.
– Fixed a bug in the execution of paths and player search( In the previous version, nothing worked at all). But not completely fixed.
– Added a waiting state for some enemy. (The enemy does not immediately run to attack, but waits).
– Added the ability to jump down using the “Down + Jump” button combination, but also, there is still the ability to jump down by pressing ” Down, Down”
– The character no longer runs into the wall, but stops in front of it.
– Fixed some aiming issues for capturing some targets. (The scope went through the walls or past the target).
– Fixed an issue where an enemy throwing spears threw them too far away, making it impossible to hit the player. Now he runs up to the optimal distance.
– Added offensive attacks. If you hold down the movement button, the character takes a step forward during the attack. If you do not pinch, the character attacks on the spot without moving.
– When respawning, enemies immediately look at the player.
– Fixed some issues with the alarm sign appearing after an enemy dies, but not yet completely.
– Fixed incorrect grabbing on the edges of some objects.
– Fixes a bug with animation of the jump when touching a wall-
– Added the event of taking damage when clamped between moving solid objects.

– Fixed incorrect view when capturing an object with a chain.
– When communicating with NPCs (Or doors), the character’s sprite becomes Idl instead of running if the character is standing on the ground. The speed is also annulled.
– Fixed a bug with items that caused the game to crash or break and give out inadequate errors, which caused it to not be fixed for a long time.
– Added sliding off the corners of hard objects or on steep surfaces.
– The AI of the enemy cat and arrow have been rewritten completely, but not yet completed.
– Added new movable doors and the ability to fully physically interact with them.
– Added a new way to spawn enemies.(Springing and appearing)
– Fixed jump animation for the player character.
– Changed the shape and sprite for textboxes, as well as their spacing.
– Updated Slime appearance animation.
– Added destructible boxes with random items.
– Added cabinets that can be opened, but they are not yet physical.
– Fixed a bug where multiple triggers were activated in a single tap.
– added analytics that sends errors to the web version of the game(unprofitable for windows)
– Added a new temporary level.
– Added an icon indicating the absence of sound in the game.


– Added 3 cheat codes.
– Triggers have been rewritten.
– Added an Arena object and a node interacting with it. The arena connects to units and activates them with a node. ( During the movement, the player can be attacked by several enemies and the player must defeat them in order to trigger the next stage of the scenario. )
– Added new icons to Triggers and Arena and Unit.
– Node activating triggers by script.
– Fixed a bug, or rather, added the mechanics of activating several parallel lines of the script.

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Rating: 3.0/5. From 29 votes.
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