Corrupted Paradise

After “Training Lucie” (Lucie Adult Game), discover “Corrupted Paradise”…a choice-driven adult visual novel set on a beautiful – and perverse – tropical island.
Play as a guy AND a girl in an exciting story set on an island paradise.
The game is realistic, original, and very hot.
If you like submission, voyeurism, corruption, romance, and sex toys, you’ve come to the right place.

Warning :
– You MUST play both male AND female main characters. That’s the essence of the game. You can’t play ONLY the guy.
– Some WOMEN, who are NOT a Love Interest, can have sex relationships with men other than you. It’s essential so that you can experience voyeurism.
– No NTR, no incest.

I work alone on the game, but I always see my projects through to the end. I finished and published Training Lucie (Lucie Adult Game) in January 2023.
If you like realistic gaming with good storytelling, consider supporting me on Patreon!

Why play Corrupted Paradise?
– 2 protagonists : You can take turns playing a guy or a girl. MC1 and MC2 are brother and sister. (There are no sexual relations between them).
– Sandbox yes, but without repetitive text or action. Each day is different.
– Non-linear: experience adventure at your own pace with your own choices.
– MC1 (the brother) can be romantic or dominant with girls and end up with a small harem.
– MC2 (the sister) can be with girls (lesbian) and boys and end with a small harem of her own.
– The writing is strong: we try to minimize the “blah blah blah”. Sex scenes are well-written.
– Collect Achievements and Items to decorate your home.
– No frustration in the gameplay, possibility to go back, etc.
– Progressively elaborate sex scenes as rewards.
– Original sex scenes, “wheel of sex”, voyeurism, public exhibition, sexual pledges, sex toys, soft bondage, corrupting a girl in stages.
– Playable on PC, MAC, Linux, Android.

Developer: SecretGame18 (Axel Maubuisson) – WebsitePatreon | Game Website
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, French
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Mobile Game, Multiple endings, Multiple protagonist, Adventure, Dating Sim, Humor, Puzzle, Romance, Sandbox, Vaginal sex, Corruption, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Groping, Teasing, beach, branching-routes, Oral sex, Masturbation, Male domination, Bdsm, cunnilingus, bondage, Handjob, blowjob, Group sex, Slave, boob play

Extract and run.


Hotbug fixed about english version was blocked to step2.
Initial release included :
– 9 days of play (arround 1,5 hour)
– English and french version
– 2 sex scenes completed.
– 3 steps by PNJ by protagoniste.

Rating: 2.8/5. From 40 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Dev words:
“Writing is my strong point”

Sorry DEV. Your story is boring like hell.

Anonymous Fapper

French DEV = sh…t game again. hahahahaha

Anonymous Fapper

Are you just racist or do you have constructive arguments?

Anonymous Fapper

“Jason” game
This DEV
“Star Zone” game
Celavie Group DEV

A few french games DEVs.
And 100% sh…t.


If you find good french DEV games, tell me.

Anonymous Fapper

Ataegina, Project Myriam, Vis and many others are made by french devs.

Anonymous Fapper

Project Myrian
Shlt dick fetish
Proved my point

Ataegina is the unique with Male MC straight path with porn.

Anonymous Fapper

oh no…this won’t work.. the author clearly hasn’t been with enough women, or perhaps is female so that she don’t understand that psychologically, men (except cucks and sissys or little boys who’ve never seen sex happen) don’t want other women, even those who aren’t their love interest to generally be seen sleeping with other men either! It’s just like that.. and that seeing other women sleeping with other men, for them, is still NTR, and not voyeurism.. they consider voyeurism only as perving on women basically and that’s the limit of it.. ahhh..too bad.. this won’t get much traction from mainstream male gamers…

Anonymous Fapper

lol I was kinda hoping someone would say that coz I wanted too but did’t know how to say it lol

Anonymous Fapper

and I think your comments show the lack of experience. If you are man enough, you wouldn’t have to fear cuckolding.


I am man enough until to suck another dicks.

Anonymous Fapper

Nah that’s just because you’re an insecure little whimp

Anonymous Fapper

Second to that. Clearly it’s a lack of sexual experience if they think a woman is a sole man’s property.

Anonymous Fapper

Curious. For me its opposite.
I was a voyeur with 12-13 years old and no experience.

After fuck first girl. my voyeur fetish has decreased a lot.

Other guys CAN FUCK. Noboby its property. I am not property of my girlfriend. But she watch porn video with “hot guys”. In her free time. And i watch with hit girls. In my free time.

Why does DEV force the player to play as MALE or FEMALE?
Why not a FMC game separated? For FMC players.
Why not a Male MC game for MC players?

Its BETTER FOR ALL. Don’t force guys for people not interesed in guys. Don’t force girls to people not interesed in girls.

Anonymous Fapper

Seems you don’t understand what NTR is, like so many others. Sure, what you don’t understand must be sht. Very narrow minded. With porn games it’s leave it if you don’t like it, nobody asked for your personal sexual interests, man.

Anonymous Fapper

Thanks for make this useless comment. Because certanly all people ask for you make this commnet right?

Anonymous Fapper

You mustn’t watch porn then, women sleeping with other men.
And what do you do if a woman kisses another man?
Your life must be really difficult…

Anonymous Fapper

People read comics to READ COMICS
People play NOT PORN game to PLAY NOT PORN games
People WATCH PORN when want WATCH porn.

Games… Choices.
MC peep only if player want peep.
MC fuck only if player want fuck
MC kill another people only if player want kill another people

Any forced story is KINETIC. Not a game.

Anonymous Fapper

I haven’t download the game, but I think you’re a moron base on what you wrote, I guess, you haven’t been watching porn enough kiddo

Anonymous Fapper

Another bromance “Gem” for little boys.

Anonymous Fapper