Loose Ends

The game Loose Ends is set in a near-dystopian setting where you play as Luke Wheeler, son of a recently-deceased weapons tycoon. As you discover your new-found superpowers, you’ll have to also look out for knives in the dark as a shadowy organization trying to kill you. The only way to survive is to team up with people that have similar superpowers. What a strange and curious thing that most of them happen to be smoking hot women.

Join Luke in a journey filled with lust, deception and betrayal as he overcomes the grief of losing his family in the most unhealthy ways as he gets better…. or worse.

PS: This game is a spin-off of Lord of Imagination

Developer: Sihil – Patreon | Discord |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: Male domination, mind control, male protagonist, harem, big tits, big ass, corruption

Rating: 2.6/5. From 44 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Dev words:
“Trust me. ONE or TWO update per month NEXT 6 months. TRUST ME PLEASE”

YEAH DEV, I trust you (sarcasm).


WOW the MC in this story is just a piece of shit! also no lewd scenes. Nothing special about the graphics. Just a meh story. Half a Star.

Anonymous Fapper

Or only gay voyeur for now?


Depends on a lot of things. I really don’t want to disappoint the NTR fans given they were the people who’ve supported the game for the longest but practically speaking, NTR didn’t make a ton of sense in that game, it doesn’t make a lot of money, makes you miserable when you’re writing it and attracts a lot of annoying fighting between NTR haters and non haters.

She still plays an important role. And she will have sex scenes, just not with the Loose Ends MC.

CNC is just an underutilized genre. If people play the game when it’s completed and don’t like it then I’d be willing to believe people on this site don’t like CNC in general.


> Game tagged as [Haram]
> Game NOT tagged as [NTR]
> Dev really trying to not disappoint his NTR fans.
face meet palm

> 2 years since first release. still 0 actual sex scenes in the game
ouch. its bruising my face.

> Multiple protag game while dev actively dodges the tag because nobody likes this crap. we are still getting it because cuck dev.
my face is starting to bleed from all the facepalms

Anonymous Fapper

So it’s just another NTR game. It’s a form of ‘meta-cucking’. Everyone who played or knows about the other game, now also knows that the Li from there will have sex scenes here with other people except the Loose Ends MC. It feels more like the Dev is somehow trying to mock the disappointed players who didn’t want to have that happen in the first place.
Utter trash mindset.

Anonymous Fapper

If the MC from Lord of Imagination and this one are different, then it makes sense to not have the Woman from the other game have sex with the Loose Ends MC.
That would be the ‘meta-cucking’ you’re talking about.
Although if the sex scenes she will have in this game are still with other people or with the dude that cucked the MC of the first game, then you would be right.
Either way i won’t even try to play this kind of mind-fuckery.
The Dev should have made a whole new game with new characters in a new world an no connection to Lord of Imagination.

Anonymous Fapper

Dev clarified that what he is saying here is that he would keep this game as pure Harem without any NTR, and his other game developed in parallel as NTR. Because he wants to cater to NTR fans, but understands that harem and NTR do not mix.

Anonymous Fapper

No actually he is trying to politely apologize to the NTR supporters for “backstabbing” them by removing NTR from the other game

Anonymous Fapper

In 3 months abandoned again…
Old story.

Anonymous Fapper

some anon tried interpreting the above in this manner:

> if I read the devs post correctly, he doesnt plan to have ntr and the game will be a harem. same with the game he is reworking as well (ntr content is completelyremoved) because it doesnt cut it financialy, it burdens him emotionaly to creat it and doesnt fit with the story of either game. he admits it will upset the ntr fans but it is what it is. so with that, I dont expect any of that ntr/netorase/swinging/sharing appearing in any of the games.
> mind you my english knowledge aint that great so I may have misunderstood him.
> plus if I remember correctly of the two devs who worked on the previous game, this dev was the harem one while the other was the ntr lover who fucked this guy over.

Dev quoted this and said:
> Yes, this is correct. I’ll add a Dev Notes explaining the situation later and make a post on Patreon about who exactly will be the antagonist.

Anonymous Fapper

> Harem dev and NTR dev cooperating
> Harem dev got fucked over by NTR dev

what a shocking surprise. who could have seen it coming.

Anonymous Fapper

Sca mmers trying get free money with “HAREM DEV” than CREATED ZERO HAREM SCENES IN 5 YEARS..

Exactly same HAREM content than I created in this 5 years, working in ZERO GAMES.

NTR GAY DEV created 2 gay voyeur (no ntr because MC never fucked the mom) scenes for ntr/gay voyuer path.

Anonymous Fapper

5 years milking
Incest tag= ZERO INCEST in main game


Anonymous Fapper

Harem of NO SEX again.. No MFFF but always scammers put Harem tag.

Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper

Virgin DEVs
Talk with 3+ girls. Harem hahahaahah