Lust Age

Welcome to Lust Age young aspirant! Here you will find all kinds of girls who want to meet you (no kidding!). But… What is Lust Age Keisi? I’m glad you asked me, aspirant!
Lust Age it’s a FREE adult VN Dating-Sim-Sandbox game with RPG aspects and features.

But who are you? you are… You! You can be anything you want. Choose from different professions that will define your role in the story and boost your stats with exclusive permanent benefits.
You’re a normal guy living a normal life (boring!), you have a perverted friend (that sounds good!), but fate has something very special for you… Become the new champion of Gold Valley, a place inhabited and ruled exclusively by women who want to meet the new aspiring champion… You! (Where do you say I have to sign to move there?) Earn the trust of the people and make them all fall in love with you!

Lust Age Trailer

Developer: Keisi Studio – PatreonDiscord | Itch |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English, Spanish
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Harem, Dating sim, Lesbian, Creampie, Ahegao, Big tits, Oral sex, Titfuck, Sandbox, rpg, achievements, Koikatsu party, Tsundere, Elves, Vaginal sex, Teasing, Stripping

Extract and run.

NOTE: For people who want to play on Android – follow this guide on how to play through JoiPlay.


NOTE: If you have any version prior to v0.15.0.BASE, make sure you delete the game completely. The v0.15.0.BASE is not compatible with any previous version.

First of all, make sure you have the base game (v0.15.0.BASE). If you already have it downloaded, you don’t need to download it again.

Before downloading the update (or once downloaded):

1a. PC users: Go to “LustAge-v0.15.0BASE -> game”.

1b. MAC users: Go to “LustAge-v0.15.0BASE -> LustAgeapp -> Contents -> Resources -> autorun ->game”.

2. Delete the files “001_updat.rpa” and “1_scrpt.rpa”.


1. Download the update.

2. Unzip it anywhere (desktop for example).

3. Copy the files “001_updat.rpa” and “1_scrpt.rpa” and paste them into the base game:

  • PC users: Go to “LustAge-v0.15.0BASE -> game”.
  • MAC users: Go to “LustAge-v0.15.0BASE -> LustAgeapp -> Contents -> Resources -> autorun ->game”.

4. Enjoy.

Android users:

Follow the same procedure for PC (just skip the part for MAC users). Now instead of having to make backups of your saves, all you have to do is update the game.

Other Information:
Things that will NEVER be included in Lust Age:
Cuck(insert category here)
No other men sex involved
No infidelity/adultery (I know, it’s the same as NTR, just to make it clear)
No prostitution
No rape
No mind control/corruption
No futa
No Bestiality


– New content available: ALL DIFFICULTIES –

  • New main quest.
  • New mini-feature.


Complete the quest “Lisapi needs a job” to unlock this feature!

  • After completing this quest, you will be able to ask Lisapi for help to work for you.
  • More details during the quest.

General changes

  • Changed the painting of Aynia and Lisapi in the management room to HD. Also the one in Maria’s room.
  • Now anything you can interact with has a black outline (hover). This includes a new hover in the MC’s room (paintings).
  • Changed all crafting images (the ones where the item appears large with a background).
  • Added intelligence level 3 (Perks).
  • Redesigned the Perks panel to have a final design.
  • Correctly added Lisapi’s counter. This includes displaying the counter image correctly.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that showed a “chat icon” in the Moon Lake that shouldn’t appear.
  • Retranslated some descriptions of the Bravery Shop.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to visit Naluna/Enya using fast nav when it’s raining/snowing.
  • Lisapi’s paintings should now be displayed correctly (MC’s room).
  • In any quest where you sleep (next day), the days are now counted correctly, including weekdays, seasons, etc.

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Rating: 3.5/5. From 153 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Android versión?

Anonymous Fapper

Here’s an unofficial android version for Lust Age v0.16

Anonymous Fapper

I like the game, however on the PC version I can do all the jobs., No need for tools. On the android version it requires tools… What’s up with that. I play the android version when I am out and about.

Keanu Reeves

Do you live in a van? Why are you playing adult novels while “out and about?”

Anonymous Fapper

This game has turned into a grind fest. You have to get points just to get the girl to like you. 3-4 times gives you one point per level. Needed 5 level with one girl then it hit me there is like 10? girls and that was just to get her to like me that’s not counting the love and sex levels. I don’t mind doing something a couple of times but it come a point where it’s just stupid this game is just stupid on the same stuff you have to do over and over again to progress. If this was a higher quality graphics maybe but for a bad looking cartoon nah I’ll pass.


I quite enjoy this game. I like the story and, for the most part, the dialog. I do not agree that the MC comes across as week as he care for the ladies in his care. Not at all.

I do have a complaint. I am playing on the higher difficulty level. So I have mood. It does not track correctly. Every day instead of every 2 days causing the lady to become upset. And an individual mood tracking for each character, so I can try and manage their mood, as apposed to get smashed to the side by it. And how does spending a long time on finishing a quest for the lady NOT improve her mood? I have done literally that and the next day they are upset. They way all those things interact, with mostly hidden mechanics going on, makes it almost impossible to manage the girls WITHOUT them getting upset. Letting them get upset is NOT managing them well. And this is supposed to be a management game. I would greatly appreciate the mood managing being done better.

Anonymous Fapper

So, if the MC isn’t week, is he day then? Or is he more month like? I’m more of a year MC myself to be fair.

Anonymous Fapper

This was a microsecond comment, stop shitting about a simple typo
Especially if you don’t post anything useful

Please grow a brain


Lower difficulty lvl and try again…

Porn with maximun dificulty… maybe you need Walkthroug to make all steps in correct order.


Game has huge potential but is quickly ruined by the typical boring moronic faggot type mc.

The massive overdose of feminism, where everything a woman does is fine and everything a man does is wrong is disgusting.

Can only hope the game maker gets shot so whoever they are won’t be able to make more stupid shit like this.

Giving it a 3/10. Huge waste of time unless you enjoy playing as a moronic faggot that caters to womens every need like a dog.


You literally just described about 99% of Fapnation with that last sentence.

Keanu Reeves

Then why are you here? Unless its literally to shitpost comment sections because you show up on every other post. Touch grass.


How nice to see you here hunching my leg again in the comments.

Obsessed much?

Pro tip: Get some new material. You have gotten quite lame.

Anonymous Fapper

Because of 1%???
My guess.

Are 10k games.
100 good.
9.9k garbage.

Anonymous Fapper

Considering the amount of pathetic cucks on this site, I’d have to agree with you.

Anonymous Fapper

He did, but this game is a little extra feminism compared to most other games


You are the definition of virgin and incel lmao. Go outside and live a life, meet real people and stuff instead of playing hentai games 24/7 and living a fantasy that people like you. You are completely disgusting.