You play the role of one of a group of lads trying to lose their cherry before they leave college. You form the ‘Misfits club’ with the aim of corrupting the women around you. The decisions you make influence the ‘lust’ attribute of the women you encounter.; do you try to pervert them? Easy decision, perhaps, when it’s a classmate or a local MILF. But what about when it’s your girlfriend or her hot best friend?

This is a prequel to my first game The Twelve Days of Christmas and you will encounter some of the characters from that game. In particular, it charts the development of the Amy character.

(This is NOT a parody of the TV series of the same name)

Developer: Slow Burn Games – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
SequelThe Twelve Days of Christmas
Genre: Animated, Anal Sex, Blowjob, Corruption, Cheating, Cuckold, College Girls, Exhibitionism, Male Protagonist, Handjob, Group Sex, Groping, Milf, Prostitution, Teen, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism, NTR, Sharing

PART 2 (v12.1)

– adds content for chapter 12

– adds 315 new renders

– add 5 new anims

– a few text changes to emphasise consensual nature of biker event in chapter 9

– extra ‘adult’ warnings on menu page


PART 1 (v9.3)

– Content for chapters 1-9 and completes Part1

– saves made anywhere in chapter 9 can be loaded into Part2

– adds lust point in taxi scene

Rating: 3.7/5. From 304 votes.
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Best Fapper

This Game is suppose to be a porn Comedy, and not to be taken serously, if you guys coming here hating it, then I guess you guys have a problem. there are other games out there, even outside fap nation. why don’t you idiots go look for them.

Anonymous Fapper

This update was great I fucking love this series. Hope it never ends.

Off course its hard to get the best ending – that’s the point! Game should be reasonably challenging. If Clara would be easy and Amy just jumping on your cock like fat girl does that would be a kinetic novel not a game.

t r u th

You homos don’t leaving anything straight alone.

Anonymous Fapper

You could make a positive comment. Make a summary of the sexual content of the game. But you’d rather complain about opinions of “idiots” because you’re a “special idiot” .

Anonymous Fapper

I find it hilarious why some have problems with NTR like.. I find it hot the girl being a slut and fucking around, but if others enjoy cuz they having that humiliation kink stroke, I don’t see why this would trigger so many incels


Go find a dick and sit on it.

Anonymous Fapper

You want peep on guys. Your sexual preference. Mommy and Daddy accept this. Your friends accept this. 95% of world accept your sexual preference. But that doesn’t mean everyone likes dicks. People are differents.

Anonymous Fapper

Cucks dont get to call others incels.

Voldka Babies

Either the dev hate his/her previous game or he made some logical mistakes. Because this game is supposed to be prequel of 12 days right?? Am I missing something ? in this game Amy have 0 interaction with the cross eye nerd but in 12 days she suddenlly become his plaything ??WTF XD

Voldka Babies

And no to mention in 12days Amy is basiclly a pure heart innocent girl (or not?) but in this game Amy gave her vigrinity to some random biker willinglly ?? I would say the dev really the game consistency here (mabye for the sake of erotic content IDK)

Anonymous Fapper

The Dev said on his Patreon that this story would show HOW the characters in 12 Days came to be like that. So, as the story unfolds we should be shown the reason and logic. I think your comments are premature- we haven’t seen the whole story yet.


You are seriously asking questions about some trashy storyline found in a trash game?

It’s cuck garbage. You all like cuck shit. You love NTR. Well, there it is. Quit bitching and enjoy it.

Anonymous Fapper

If you do not remember – she was not his anything (although he wanted it) she told him and her parents that he is delusional and she never belonged to him. And you can make all the right choices to save her innocence if you need this for consistency.

Anonymous Fapper

I fucking hate the fact that the MC still a virgin.

Anonymous Fapper

When the fuck do i get to fuck Clara, the bitch is a slut yet I’ve yet to fuck her FUCK FUCK FUUUCKKKKK



And this shit right here, is 100% cuck.

You don’t get to fuck Clara or anybody else. You are a cuck so stfu and go hump your NTR’d computer.

Quit bitching and enjoy living life as a dumb cuck.

Anonymous Fapper

Actually it’s possible to behave like a man and keep Clara out of trouble. Basically in any scene where some stranger would be approaching her you could make a choice to protect your girlfriend and even grope and kiss her instead.